Blood Lines

The mystery of writing … well, mysteries

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    A rainy dawn breaks over a slum neighborhood in Washington, DC to reveal the brutally beaten body of a prominent judge. A few hours later, a suspect is arrested. But the judge’s daughter believes there are secrets that drove her father to his death, and she wants to know what they are. Clay Warner, a down-on-his-luck insurance investigator, is determined to discover the truth – and win back the love of his life. But he does not know how deep that truth lies buried, and how far some will go to make sure it’s never uncovered.
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Back Up (Backup)

Posted by Kevin on April 16, 2006, the service where I host this blog, was down almost all of today. It was a bit of a scare for thousands of bloggers — to log in and see that all our posts were gone — but now it's safely back up and everything looks in order.

A bit of a wakeup call for myself as well since it made me realize that I haven't backed up my novel since I started. Whoops — need to get used to saving that sucker on a flash drive or two. Since I've lost one laptop before to my own clumsiness (and a large cup of coffee), you think I'd be more careful.


One Response to “Back Up (Backup)”

  1. nice thoughts. the only problem is this kinda thinkin of ppl around u is always gonna stay no matter wat.but then its so so human tendency: to put the Click

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