Blood Lines

The mystery of writing … well, mysteries

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    Send email to kevin at kevinwayne dot net.
  • The Work in Progress

    A rainy dawn breaks over a slum neighborhood in Washington, DC to reveal the brutally beaten body of a prominent judge. A few hours later, a suspect is arrested. But the judge’s daughter believes there are secrets that drove her father to his death, and she wants to know what they are. Clay Warner, a down-on-his-luck insurance investigator, is determined to discover the truth – and win back the love of his life. But he does not know how deep that truth lies buried, and how far some will go to make sure it’s never uncovered.
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 Call me Kevin Wayne.

 After years of dithering and procrastinating, I've taken the plunge and am writing my first mystery novel.

Great. Another aspiring writer, right? Well, I don't expect you to care … I've launched this blog, not as another source of procrastination, but a way to keep motivating myself and continue to drive myself toward my goals. Since I hope that this blog will not become an excuse not to work on the novel, I'm not sure how often blog posts will happen. I will try to focus on the mechanics of writing and work out some of the questions I have about writing in my own mind. This blog offers a great platform to do just that.

Me: mid-thirties, executive, DC area. Background in communications. Which means I've been writing professionally my whole career except it's all been stuff you'd never be interested in, trust me.


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